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Sound Building Inspections has State-of-the-Art Equipment and Digital Reports with Photos

Our vision for Sound Building Inspections is to be an authority in the industry, a company that sets benchmarks and is best of breed.

Why? because as a customer would you expect anything less? We wouldn’t. In what feels like a sea of Building and Pest Inspection Companies it’s our integrity which keeps us ahead of the pack. Originating in Queensland, all our Building and Timber Pest Inspectors carry the equivalent certification across Australia. It’s only in Queensland where you have to be a licensed and Certified Builder and Timber Pest Inspector to carry out Inspections. So in other states you could be a house painter or even a pool cleaner and as long as you have been accredited with the proper course you can conduct Building Inspections.

So the Sound Building Inspections Team are completely accredited, licensed and insured but also carry the most advanced equipment in the market. These State-of-the-Art tools allow us to not only give you one of the most thorough Inspections on the market, they also allow us to email you the report within hours of the it being completed. Our Digital reports are completed onsite and include photos giving greater details into areas of concern.

Sound Building Inspections is a debt free company and that makes us future-proof. We are a division of MGA Building Systems and have offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

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