Building and Pest Inspection Defect Blog

For a deeper inspection Sound Building and Pest Inspection use Thermal Imaging Cameras

Here is our Building and Pest Inspection Defect Blog

What you’ll find here is examples on what you should be looking out for when buying a property. It’s imperative you get an thorough Building and Pest Inspection done but the below examples will give you ideas on what to look for when walking around the property. Not everything will jump out at you so that is why we use State-of-the-Art equipment (Like Thermal Imaging) to dig deeper a Building and Pest.

Remember if Minor or Major defects or even Past or Present Termites are found During  Building and Pest Inspections it doesn’t me the property is a walk away. Our Building Inspectors are licensed and certified to give you quotes on rectifications so you yourself can work out if the repairs are in your skill set and/or budget.

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