Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast

Our Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast Team service from Ormeau to Coolangatta and across to Jimboomba.

Within this area we can do the following Inspections;

  • Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast
  • Pest Inspection Gold Coast
  • Building Inspections Gold Coast

With the Property sales on the rise, we have noticed some busy activity with buyers showing a keen interested within South East Queensland. Based in Burleigh Heads our Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast Teams carry a wealth of local knowledge and experience. Backed by State-of-the-Art Equipment we can offer one of the most thorough reports on the market.

Each of our Teams carry the following equipment;

  • Thermal Imaging Camera (For detecting water damage and termites)
  • High Resolution Digital Camera (Taking images for Digital Report)
  • Termatrac T3i (Worlds most advanced Termite Detection Tool)
  • Digital Moisture Meter (For detecting areas of high moisture)
  • High Powered Worksite Light (lighting dark environments like roof space and subfloor)
  • Acoustic Sound Probe (Listening to dull or hollow sounding building elements)
  • Digital Boreoscope (Evasive visual inspection into wall and voids)

Thermal Imaging Camera is a must for a Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane
Thermal Imaging Camera sees things undetectable to the naked eye.

Each of our Sound Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast Team is made up of;

  • A Master Builder who is certified for Pre Purchase Building Inspections (Building Inspection) and,
  • A Pest Inspector who is certified for Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections (Pest Inspection)

It’s the classic saying that two heads are better than one and with Building and Pest Inspections it’s a great asset. On the Gold Coast both Building and Pest Inspectors complete their 200 point checklist and alert each other to possible problem areas. This helps to ensure that nothing in missed. Then at the end of the Building and Pest Inspection each Inspector will verbally go through all areas of concern and answer all your questions.

Your Building and Pest Inspection Reports contain photos

After the inspection you will receive your digital reports within 4 hours. This is perfect for people who find a house last minute which is going to auction that weekend (More common than you think!). You will receive a Building Inspection Report and a Timber Pest Inspection Report. All areas of concern are explained and photos are included. You also get access to each Inspectors mobiles so if you need more clarification after the inspection then you can simply call them.
Customers love the included photos in our Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast Report

What if Active Termites are found?

Most Australian homes have been subject to some sort of Termite activity which could be past, present or future (conducive). If active Termites are found we can treat the current infestation with Termidor (Termite Treatment)  and then further protect your house with a Termite Management System (Termite Barrier). So if there is currently or has been termites in the property then don’t fret! it’s not always a walk away.

Examples of termite damage found by our Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast Office

Our Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast Team offer one of the most thorough House Inspections on the market. If you are purchasing a property then buy with confidence and use Sound Building Inspections. Call 1300 TOCHECK (1300862432)or use our Online Quote Form.

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