Habitable Room & Legal Ceiling Height Queensland

Legal Ceiling Height Queensland

Building Code Legal Ceiling Height

For Building Class 1, 2 & 3 the following applies;

A Habitable Room (excluding kitchen) must have a minimum height of 2400mm (2.4m)

A Kitchen, Laundry or the like must have a minimum height of 2100mm (2.1m).

Otherwise the room is deemed to be just a Utility Room.

Requirements to adhere to legal ceiling height Queensland may vary to other states and territories.

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High Set Houses with underneath built in pose a risk for resale value. Do you know the legal ceiling height Queensland?

Originally designed to keep the house cool in the hot Queensland climate, keen renovators have build in underneath and doubled the livable area of the house. Where people can come unstuck is complying with legal ceiling height Queensland regulations as builders didn’t have the foresight (or the regulations weren’t around at the time) for building in underneath these High Set Houses.

It all comes down to the “Habitable Room and Legal Ceiling Height ” regulations as governed by the Building Code of Australia. Regulations are in place for all new dwelling or existing renovations to comply with Ceiling Heights in Habitable Rooms. There are different heights for certain areas and measurement is taking from the finished floor height to the lowest part of the ceiling. This can bring people unstuck because of their floor covering choices and low hanging beams.

This means after building in the downstairs area of a High Set Dwelling, you could possibly lose a bedroom if it is under legal height with it being classed as a Utility Room only. So be wary of your legal ceiling height Queensland.

What is a Habitable Room?

The Building Code of Australia states a Habitable Room is a room used for normal domestic activities.

This includes the following:

Bedroom, Living Room, Lounge Room, Music Room, Television Room, Kitchen, Dinging Room, Sewing Room, Study, Playroom, Family Room, Home Theatre and Sunroom.

This then excludes the following:

Bathroom, Laundry, Toilet, Pantry, Walk-in Wardrobe, Corridor or Hallway, Lobby, Clothes Drying Room and other spaces of a specialised nature occupied neither frequently  or for extended periods.

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