Say Goodbye to Termites with Sound Building Inspections Termite Treatment in Brisbane Northside

Perhaps you are in the market for a new home or have been residing happily in the same home for many years. Suddenly, an inspection reveals that the property has termites! Do you withdraw your offer on this home? Tear your entire house down?

Finding termites may be a serious concern but it’s certainly no reason for panic. When it comes to termite treatment in Brisbane Northside, Sound Building Inspections can help you navigate your way around this problem, and have you back on track toward living in a safe and sustainable home in a short space of time.

Call Sound Building Inspections and Have Your Home Pest-Free Again in No Time

Sound Building Inspections uses thermal technology and the latest in termite detection tools, to evaluate the damage already caused to the structure and formulate a plan of action to eliminate the pests—and keep them from coming back.

One of the industry’s leading methods used for termite elimination is called Termidor. The chemical is known for being highly effective at destroying termites and termite nests and will leave the property termite-free. Once the current issue has been resolved, our professionals can examine the property for future problems including areas that are conducive to termite growth like garden beds.

If your home is infested by termites, our team of licensed and certified pest inspectors have a trained eye, years of experience and are only a call away! We will give you an accurate quote so you’ll know exactly what’s involved in treating your property, and you can go back to sleeping easy knowing that your home is pest-free.

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