Thermal Imaging Camera adds depth to Building Inspections

building inspection Brisbane

All Sound Building and Pest Inspections on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane are carried out using a Thermal Imaging Camera.

We have invested heavily in advanced technology which allows each Building and Pest Inspection team to look deeper into problem areas, offering an extremely thorough Inspection. Part of this tool kit includes a Thermal Imaging Camera which can alert the Building Inspector to broken waterproof membranes, leaking pipes, areas of high moisture and even termites. Termites need moisture to survive and a Termite nest shows up on the camera because of the high moisture content and heat generated by the Termites.

The Thermal Imaging Camera looks beyond the skin of the wall and give a better aspect to what is happening before any walls need to be removed. This lets us work out the extent of the issue and how much damage has been done. All photos taken during the inspection will be included in your Building and Pest Inspection Report.

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