Timber Retaining Walls and Termites | Love and first bite

Damp conditions and direct sunlight make timber retaining walls perfect for Termites

Exposed to the Sun and Rain all timber breaks down. This makes timber retaining walls a hotspot for Termites.

Timber sleeper retaining walls are extremely popular and can be found in most Australian yards, as can Termites.

However nice and neat they look when first installed, timber retaining walls eventually break down and become buffets for Termites. Even treated timber loses it’s protection being exposed to sun and rain. Timber in direct contact with soil often carries high moisture and this the perfect home for a Termite Nest. If building timber retaining walls we suggest thinking ahead and allow sufficient drainage behind and below the wall.

Many Building and Pest Inspections we conduct will find active termites in the yard and a termite nest will often be found in a tree stump or timber retaining wall. So when purchasing a property take the time to walk around the gardens and examine the state of the retaining walls. If the area carries a lot of moisture and the timber is more than 5 years old then chances are you have got yourself the perfect area conducive to termite activity.

It’s not a massive issue and generally speaking the Termites can be treated for around $250. After treatment we strongly recommend the timbers are replaced and the installation of a termite barrier system is done.

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